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Even though the descriptions of the plans we present often focus on travelers from and to the U.S., the plans are available for over 170 destination-countries. If you are traveling in remote areas in those countries, you are still benefiting from IMG logistics when needed, under the right plan.

Health Insurance Abroad

The Patriot International Plans provide coverage for people traveling outside their home country whose destination excludes the United States or its territories:

  • U.S. Outbound Travelers must be 64 or younger to purchase this coverage.
  • Visitors 70 and older would purchase the GlobeHopper Senior Single-Trip or Senior Multi-Trip
  • COVID-19 is covered same as any other illness

Two options are available: Patriot International Lite and Platinum

Health Insurance for U.S. Visitors and New Immigrants

U.S.A. Landmarks

Patriot America series provides coverage for people traveling outside their home country whose travel destination includes the United States or its territories

  • Visitors to the U.S. must be 69 or younger to purchase this coverage
  • Visitors 70 and older would purchase the Visitor Care Plan.

Three options are available: Patriot America Lite, Patriot America Plus, and Patriot America Platinum

Patriot America Plus and Platinum include COVID-19 coverage.

Students & Scholars

Explore the Patriot Exchange Program designed to meet the U.S. visa insurance requirements for individuals and groups of two or more students studying abroad or participating in a cultural exchange program, including J1 and J2 visa holders. Coverage may be purchased for spouses and unmarried, dependent children traveling with the student/participant.

The plan may be purchased in monthly increments. If the plan is purchased for a minimum of three months, coverage may be renewed (without break in coverage) for a total of up to 48 months.

Students & Scholars

The Student Health Advantage is designed for students or scholars participating in a sponsored study abroad program, and desiring an annually renewable comprehensive medical plan. This plan meets student visa requirements and offers a complete package of international benefits available 24 hours a day. The Platinum version includes maternity coverage.

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